Professional High-Altitude Services of TahkimSanat Company


TahkimSanat Company is one of the leaders in providing high-altitude services in Tehran and all counties of Iran. With over two decades of experience, we take pride in our commitment to quality, safety, and safeguarding our clients’ rights

Our Services

Our services include advanced high-altitude operations, washing of building facades, painting and waterproofing of exterior walls, facade repairs, building and company cleaning, interior painting, dispatching service and cleaning staff, and all types of work using rope access techniques

Professional and Trustworthy

Ready for challenging tasks and selecting superior solutions, we always comply with international Irata standards. Each of our projects is fully insured, and the quality of our services is guaranteed by the complete satisfaction of our clients

Contact Us

To use our services, simply fill out the form found in this article and send it to us. Our experts will review your request and will contact you for consultation and price inquire


As one of the reputable high-altitude companies in Iran, TahkimSanat is committed to delivering quality, safe, and trusted services. With over 11,000 satisfied customers across Iran and Turkey, we are proud to serve you